Integrated Power Solutions for LED Lighting

Our Vision is to produce smart power
management IC solutions that enable wide
area network (WAN) control of high
powered LED lighting products; all while
maximizing LED efficacy, power efficiency
and lifetime, at the lowest cost.
At the core of ACP's products are two proprietary technologies: 

(1) a patented LED driver method used to control the current balance throughout an LED array

(2) a physical layer  interface that connects the AC power line and WAN communications to the LEDs and other co-located sensors.
LED Lighting provides uniform true
color illumination with reduced
energy requirements, lower
maintenance, lower light pollution,
and a longer service life.
The possibile functionailty that can
be embedded into a smart lighting
system is limited only by the
imagination of a municipality's
Interconnecting a municipality's lights
to a centralized data center enables
dynamic light management and sensor
reporting that leads to an enhanced
quality of life.
About Us

ACP's startup team includes multiple industry experts
from major analog semiconductor manufacturers
including National Semiconductor(TI), Micrel
(Microchip), NXP, among other companies.

January 1, 2016 - ACP Semiconductor, Inc. has been
awarded a Phase I SBIR grant from the National Science
Foundation for pursuing research in analog power
management for high intensity LED lighting systems.